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Ensuring our teeth are their whitest is only one step in achieving a great looking smile. Lip and skin colour can dramatically affect how white our teeth “appear”. Wicked White is serious about giving you the best possible smile so we have taken tooth whitening a step further by creating that are sure to enhance every smile.

Wicked White WEAR Lip plumper and gloss, gives your lips a fuller appearance while the blue undertone hues lend to making your teeth appear whiter. To top it all off is the breath freshener added to give your smile that truly kissable appeal.

Hate the way lip gloss wears off over time. Wicked White Infinity lip balm is the perfect mate for our gloss. Apply this clear coat underneath your favorite Wicked White WEAR lip gloss for true staying power without the residue and unsightly lines from traditional lip pencils. Prevent your colour from bleeding and get long lasting wear and moisture with this unique product.

Red Wine drinker? Coffee drinker? Or do you just want your smile to truly light up a room? Tooth Gloss is a great way to help repel unsightly stains, maintain your beautiful white smile and gives your smile an added sparkle with a hint of minty coolness for your breath. Pair with our other Wicked White WEAR products for a truly smile rejuvenating experience.

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