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An affordable in office product that whitens WITHOUT the sensitivity! Finally.

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Wicked White PRO is a cost effective in-office system that will whiten your client’s teeth without the sensitivity. Gently whitens the teeth in just 1 hour with a blue LED light and leaving your clients with a brighter, whiter smile without “zingers” during the procedure or discomfort afterwards.

What is Wicked White?

Wicked White PRO is a cost effective, sensitivity free, in office whitening procedure performed by dental professionals only. It is a near neutral formula that is safe, effective, and easy to use and cost a fraction of what other systems on the market cost.

We are packaging minimalists and you only buy what you need. As dental professionals we all know how important is to inform and educate our clients on oral health and realistic whitening expectations and whether or not they are even a good candidate.

Wicked White Professional teeth whitening gives you back the confidence to brighten your client’s teeth without worrying about painful “zingers” or doing weeks of desensitizing first. There is no need for time consuming damns or constant suctioning.

It is simple and easy to use. In addition, it does not have any additives or preservatives, is vegan and gluten free.

Best part of all…. it works WITHOUT the sensitivity!

Lost confidence in other Teeth Whitening Products? Meet Wicked White

Many dental professionals lost the confidence to provide in-office whitening due to the discomfort their clients had to endure for unsatisfactory results and a high price. Wicked White PRO is a cost effective in-office system that will whiten your client’s teeth without the sensitivity. The protocol and gels gently whitens the teeth over the course of 1 hour with a blue LED light, leaving your clients with a brighter, whiter smile without “zingers” during the procedure or discomfort afterwards. Thanks to the near neutral pH, no added chemicals or preservatives and gentle formula it is safe to use at recall appointments to help maintain your clients brighter smile as required.

The Story of Wicked White

As a dental professional it is important to have a bright white healthy smile. You are your business card. So it would only be natural that I, as a dental hygienist, would want a nice white, healthy smile.

Having access to so many different products, I embarked on the whiter smile journey.

I tried it all.

Strips and trays, even lasers, but all of it involved toothaches and headaches that made it difficult to just get through my day afterwards without copious amounts of Advil. How embarrassing!

As a dental professional, how could I endorse teeth whitening at such a brutal cost both physically and financially? I thought there has to be a better way.

In addition, there were so many dental professionals that stopped doing in office whitening because their clients just were not experiencing results in relation to the amount of discomfort they endured and cost they had to pay.

Hence, Wicked White was created.

400+ Satisfied Customers

“I’ve been a practising independent hygienist for 5 years now. I started my in-office whitening journey with Wicked White because of the neutral pH and “natural” ingredients. I continue to promote and use Wicked White because of the consistency and amazing results. I love the flexibility of the process and how I can customize the product to our patient’s needs. I’ve developed my own office protocol for specialized whitening that is unique and different. Wicked white continues to find new ways to improve their whitening process for better outcomes. Thank you for providing clinical dental professionals with the opportunity to use a safe and effective product.”

Karyn Moore

Registered Dental Hygienist, Norfolk Dental Hygiene

“I have been using wicked white products for 5 yrs in my practice now, the results are great and patients never experience sensitivity. As well, Ronda has great customer service and her products are fairly priced! You can’t go wrong!”

Emma Johnson

Registered Dental Hygienist , Pearl Boutique

“At Fortino Dental we only want to provide the best for our patients which is why we offer the Wicked White In-Office Whitening System. With all of our Staff having tried Wicked White we can positively promote and show our patients the incredible results. No Sensitivity combined with amazing results plus the Take Home Touch Up Whitening Pen always has our Patients leaving happy and smiling! We even had our own Sign made up so our Patients can show off their Wicked White Smiles! Get your Wicked White on today!”

Fortino Dental

Dental Practice

“Ronda at Wicked White is an amazing person to deal with. She is so helpful and is always available to help in any way she can. The Wicked White product is the best I have worked with and I’ve been a hygienist for 28 years. The non sensitive formula allows for a comfortable whitening that always gives such good results. My patients love it and I love working with it. The wide range of options from pro to take home at all different price points provides an opportunity for everyone to have that white smile they have always wanted. Join the Wicked White team you won’t regret it!”

Paula O’Connor

Healthy Smiles at Home

“The Perfect Smile has been working with Wicked White for ~10 years now. Not only are Wicked White products helping the practice deliver the results my clients have come to expect, Rhonda’s subject matter expertise of all things whitening has provided me with the tools and guidance to innovate in my services delivery approach, align with consumer expectations, and meet my practice goals. Keep up the great work.”

Rosemary Vaillant RDH

Owner, The Perfect Smile

"There is nothing like Wicked White out there!"

“I always wanted a bright white smile without teeth sensitivity. I have done my research and tried everything. There is nothing better than Wicked White out there!”

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