Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Nowadays, teeth whitening products are becoming increasingly popular as different brands have hit the shelves of popular local stores and supermarkets. Of course, the importance of oral health can never be over-emphasized and dental hygiene is particularly necessary because it not only helps to prevent bad breath, but it also prevents tooth decay and gum disease. 

Professional teeth whitening sessions are particularly important because they result in stain removal, thereby strengthening the teeth and improving the overall health of the mouth. Moreover, a mouth full of brighter teeth equally provides other benefits including a brighter and more attractive smile that goes a long way to boost self-confidence and the ability to confidently interact socially.

Even though teeth whitening is important, many people are unaware of the best teeth whitening products. Unfortunately, people continue to spend a lot of money on relatively ineffective and unsafe teeth whitening products just because the marketing industry is not always upfront about the qualities of the best professional teeth whitening products.

That said, before buying a teeth whitening product, it is imperative to consider the following factors:

Is it clinically tested?

Opt for a teeth whitening product that has been clinically tested and proven to deliver results. Wicked White offers top quality teeth whitening products that have been clinically tested and that are certified safe and effective. Thus, you will never go wrong with any teeth whitening product from this brand.

The speed of the product

Before buying any teeth whitening product, it is imperative to also know how soon you will achieve the desired results. Moreover, you should also bear in mind that inasmuch as you desire to see results as soon as possible, the best teeth whitening products often take time and repeated exposure before the results become obvious. Wicked White teeth whitening products are known to provide efficient results when used regularly and consistently. To keep your teeth looking their best, the brand recommends flossing, brushing twice daily, and regular in-office refresher sessions with Wicked White dental professionals.

Teeth Whitening Office

Are there any side effects/irritations?

Some people have very sensitive teeth and gums, thus, it is of utmost importance to always consider whether or not the teeth whitening product you are about to purchase could result in adverse reactions or health concerns. The truth is that many teeth whitening products including whitening strips and whitening tray and gel combinations are known to cause adverse reactions. However, users of Wicked White products rarely experience any side effects, even though sensitivity after the treatment may occur with some people. As a matter of fact, Wicked White whitening products are indeed a great product for people who experience tooth sensitivity on a regular basis. Wicked White does not dehydrate the teeth like many other products can, rather, they work with the oral fluids to minimize sensitivity.

The type of active ingredients

Most often, gum discomfort occurs as a result of the type of active ingredients that are found in the teeth whitening products. Beware of the fact that most teeth whitening products consist of carbamide peroxide, which is known to be harmful to the mouth, since it’s likely to decompose to urea and ammonia. More so, other teeth whitening companies use ingredients whose whitening benefits have not yet been clinically proven or tested. It is, therefore, imperative to check the ingredient label before settling on any teeth whitening product.

Wicked White is one of those brands that use active ingredients which have been clinically tested and certified safe for the teeth and for oral health in general. This brand only uses 100% pure ingredients and does not include fillers or additives to its teeth whitening products.

Price point

Even though it sounds quite exciting to buy products at relatively cheaper prices, it is also necessary to be on the safe side, especially when it comes to buying teeth whitening products.  The truth is that some teeth whitening products are made with safer ingredients whereas others are not. In a similar way, some teeth whitening products are effective, whereas others are not. Of course, the cheaper teeth whitening products are likely to be those made with ineffective or unsafe active ingredients. It is risky to spend money on low-quality products that you can’t trust.

Therefore, it is worth investing in a safe teeth whitening product that has been tested and proven to be effective. The reason is that good teeth whitening products, combined with regular dental visits will help you achieve a better smile, fresh breath and an overall optimal oral health, whereas, the low-quality ones could instead result in unpleasant side effects.

Knowing the qualities to look for in the best teeth whitening products, we will now look at the different kinds of teeth whitening products. It should be noted that there are two major groups of teeth whitening products, which includes those that can be used at home and those used by professionals. Individuals can always buy their teeth whitening products for home use from their local stores or grocery shops, whereas the professional teeth whitening products are those that can be made available to you only through your local oral health care provider.

Professional teeth whitening products are prescribed only after your dental professional has evaluated your individual needs. That said, it is possible to get your teeth whitened by a professional within the space of two hours. For instance, Wicked White professional teeth whitening services are not only cost-effective, but the dental health providers will also help you to achieve your healthiest, brightest smile within just a few hours.

Home teeth whitening products on the other hand, rarely guarantee instant results and that explains why you are expected to use them regularly and correctly for a certain duration of time before you can start experiencing the results. There are a lot of reasons why people prefer opting for home teeth whitening products, instead of scheduling appointments with their dentists or health care providers, but that could actually be a topic of its own. That said, we will dedicate the remaining part of this article to some of the best teeth whitening products that are recommended for home use.

Teeth Whitening Gum

Teeth whitening pen

One of the most popular teeth whitening products is the teeth whitening pens. A teeth whitening pen is simply a tool that is used in applying a teeth whitening gel to the enamel of the tooth. These pens are very convenient and easy to use as they do not result in mess nor fuss. One of the best teeth whitening pens that are currently in the market is the Wicked White professional teeth whitening pen. This pen contains only the best ingredients for teeth whitening since they have no harsh ingredients and preservatives. The Wicked White teeth whitening pen is particularly popular for whitening and refreshing smiles.

Teeth whitening gel

Another popular teeth whitening product that can be conveniently used at home is the teeth whitening gel. Most teeth whitening gels are made with peroxide, which is used to lighten discolored teeth caused by many factors, including the regular consumption of drinks such as coffee, tea, wine as well as prolonged use of tobacco. Of course, there are many different types of teeth whitening gels on the market, but Wicked White teeth whitening gel is simply exceptional. In the Wicked White Professional Advanced LED Take home kit, the gel is the same great quality to that used with in-office treatment, however, it is concentration is safe for at home whitening.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are also very popular for home use. These strips can easily be bought from local drug stores, grocery stores as well as from mass retailers. Teeth whitening strips are often placed on the teeth for an estimated duration of between 5 minutes to an (1) hour, depending on the type. Of course, just like teeth whitening gels, most teeth whitening strips should not be worn while eating nor drinking. Be cautious of the “one size fits all” as this can result in uneven whitening or blanching of the gums. Some brands are also know for causing extreme tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

If you are trying to whiten your teeth from home, then one of the very first products to consider should be a teeth whitening toothpaste. The teeth whitening toothpaste has been specially designed to remove surface plaque on the teeth as well as to inhibit the buildup of plaque. Of course, there are many types of teeth whitening toothpaste, but it’s imperative to do thorough research and settle for the ones that are effective and have been clinically tested and proven to be effective.  The Charcoal Coconut Whitening Gel by Wicked White consists of coconut oil, xylitol and peppermint oil, which not only gives your mouth a fresh clean feeling but it also has antibacterial effects and helps prevent cavities.

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Teeth Whitening Gloss

Aside from the conventional long term teeth whitening instruments and devices, there are other instant teeth whitening products like the teeth whitening gloss. This product is perfect for special occasions as it guarantees instant shine as well as fresh breath. Wicked White also has a clear protective gloss, which not only protects from stains but also gives an illusion of a whiter smile.

It is apparent that whitening your teeth will do a lot of good for your health and your self-confidence. Even though the best teeth whitening products are never the cheapest, it’s possible to find affordable and effective brands like Wicked White. You can be rest assured that your oral hygiene game will be upgraded with this brand.

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