Wicked White Pro Remineralization Gel


This calcium/phosphate fluoride gel has shown to be effective in the enamel reminderlization process. It helps to strengthen tooth enamel after the whitening process making the teeth less sensitive and helps to maintain the structural integrity of of the enamel.


  • Allows the enamel to actively remineralize itself in the presence of fluorides, calcium and phosphate.
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Proven to remineralize small invisible lesions
  • Revitalize enamel after the Teeth Whitening process
  • Easy to apply.
  • Can be applied before bed to provide thorough night time reminerilization Contains small amounts of sodium fluoride
  • The fluoride binds other minerals to the enamel.

(These compounds make teeth less sensitive to hot, cold, air pressure and touch & increase the resistance of teeth to dental caries (decay). Teeth become sensitive when tooth enamel erodes or the gum line recedes, exposing tiny microscopic holes, or tubules, that lead directly to nerves inside the tooth. These nerves are the source of sensitive teeth pain. The remineralization method involves calcium phosphate compounds, the primary mineral in teeth and bone. The process disperses into the tooth structure to “fill” the microscopic hole and repair early cavities, actually making teeth stronger. The new calcium phosphate process overcomes these problems and remineralizes teeth rapidly.)