About Wicked White

Wicked White is all about achieving a brighter smile without the sensitivity or painful costs associated with other high quality whitening systems on the market today. After years of testing gels for efficacy, longevity, cost and composition, Wicked White Professional Tooth Whitening was finally launched. Our unique system, coupled with patent photo initiator gels that are free of animal biproducts, harsh chemicals or preservatives, has proven to deliver the results without the “zingers” from other systems. Only the finest ingredients are used and the neutral pH of the gel and pretreatment liquid help to prevent dehydration, discomfort and are not harmful to the structural integrity of the teeth.

Wicked White has a whitening solution for everyone. Our PRO line is completed in office by dental professionals and delivers immediate results. (find a dental professional in your area link) Our HOME line can be done in the comfort of your own home when its convenient for you. (shop online link) Both deliver great quality results. Our WEAR line (shop online link) ensures your smile is always looking it greatest with cosmetic products to enhance your smile.

Let your smile shine. Join the Wicked White Revolution today and start smiling brighter.

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